Friday, 4 November 2016

Clara's resume finally got us a place

Mom writing here. I have to give a big shout out to Clara, our military commander. Her fine resume got us in at long last!

Since we've arrived in the UK (we have been here 9 weeks already!) and even before, we have not been able to get a WWOOFing farm to respond  positively to us. About 90% just didn't write back at all, and we had a few polite refusals and a few rude ones.

Well, at long last we got a response from a place in Cornwall that I was really excited about. And then I asked if it was okay to have the cats, and got an answer that they were getting new kittens so we couldn't bring the cats. Sigh. Sad face.

After a day or two I wrote to say that Clara had been excellent when the place we were staying in France got a kitten, and she had even brought half-dead mice to the wee kitten to teach it mousing.

And that convinced the man that we could come to stay, and so we're off to Cornwall just after Christmas, and I can relax and enjoy Edinburgh until then.

It is to be noted that Clara and Ala are much much loved here in Edinburgh. For example this evening Clara sat on the table sharing pulled pork with our landlord and his son.

When Ala first jumped on the kitchen table I admonished her and went to take her off, but our landlord Irvine said that you don't eat from the table, you eat from plates, and cats on tables don't bother him. They are genuinely truly delighted to have our kitties along.

Tonight Irvine even suggested that we could go for a day trip to York on the train and they won't mind watching the cats at all. He very cheerfully pets them and lets them in and out and in and out and in and out the big glass doors from the kitchen to the back garden. It is lovely to feel so welcome.

So that's the next 3.5 months fairly nicely planned! A few paycheques are due to arrive, we have a comfortable place to stay, and Mom should finish her dragon novel instead of worrying about finding work and making plans. Ideal window, just need to use it!

Much rejoicing, thanks to Clara's resume! Good kitty Clara.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Taking Command!

For the last week that I have been in this place, I have been making sure every one knows that I am the one that rules things around here. There is this annoying dog that wanted to become friends. To think a peasant wanting to be friends with the queen. I made sure he knew his place. Then there is this very stupid male cat who used to rule things. He keeps on trying to ask me out on a date, but we all know that he just wants information. My boy carries me past these strange creatures once in a while. They are not very smart, except for one small black rooster. He doesn't say much but I know he is the most deadly. Luckily these strange creatures are stuck in a wire box. I am pretty sure every one knows who is running this joint now... except that stupid male cat. He just doesn't get the point.

I can now rest after I chased the dog and intimidated the cat... finally, peace and quiet.

Friday, 8 April 2016


Today is the second days of misery. I've only gotten two resting points. Three I guess if you count this one. But the two rests have been nice. The boy will snuggle with me and reassures me that he will protect me.
But the toilet accommodations are horrible. There is this little piece of paper they call a pee pad with a little bit of cat litter.
 Also just when I was starting to get conferrable in that contraption they call a train, my boy stuffed me back into the box. This means 2 things. One I can't move around very well. Also it means that I will get jostled a lot while boy is carrying me and three other bags.

Here we are in the Paris train station. As you can see my compatriot hides well. The advantages of being black! However I'm better looking.

At the moment I am in an ok hotel where I can at least stretch my legs. Ala is attempting to hypnotise the humans so that they won't put us back into the boxes. I don't know how this is going. But I suspect that it won't work.
Today the humans took us to the vet. There was a very stupid dog in there. He felt threatened by any dog his size or bigger. Luckily there was a very strong woman to hold the dog back. Then after a long wait with dogs barking we did nothing except a little beep. But now we are back nice a safe in the room with all our needs and the humans are ready to snuggle us. So that is my report for today.

Clara Out!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

In Harness at Last

I have never  been the kind of cat to put up with a collar on me. The few times the humans have tried it, I've removed it.

As you might expect.

Unlike Cat1, I didn't spend my kittenhood in the pampered indoor lap of luxury with a passel of other cats. Before I found Boy, I was ALONE on an Indian Reservation full of dogs. 
Vicious dogs.
The humans there watched with amusement as I survived day after day... until the magical day I found Boy. He took me in his arms and I never let him go.  I know a good thing when I find it, and since that day, I've had some strict standards:
1. I've declined to eat raw live food (unlike Cat1, who seems to love it! But I know better. Food you have to catch yourself is peasant food).
2. I push things off high places now and then. Mostly when the Mom needs to be reminded who's boss. 
3. I don't stand for people holding me longer than I want (my growl is fierce enough to dissuade most idiots, though Boy seems to know I'm bluffing and ignores me unless I get really serious and get the claws out) to be held or tying me up or putting collars on me.

But like any good soldier, when the campaign requires it,  I'll rise to meet the occasion! I'm no wimp. So when the humans put all four of us in Danny-the-almost-van car to head to the city for a special shopping trip yesterday, I understood the agenda.

They took me into a store with plenty of interesting smells and sights -- Fairplay Pet Store, it was called -- and sat me down and put a purple harness on me.

Actually, it didn't feel that bad. I kept it on for 6 hours. The Boy took it off at night for me, which was kind, but I asked the Mom to put it back on for me in the morning.

Then I got into this bag, to let them know I'm ready to go.  Cat1 and I are finished with apartment living. We're ready for the open road and a lot more fresh air and exercise. (The humans sure need that too!)